Saturday, March 13, 2010


Of decisions.... and the best ones to make...isnt it a daily pendulum in all?

Decisions we make, will bring about implications... implications will result in how the decisions then effect your life - now we shouldn't think of the short-term-benefit we would receive, rather the long term benefit that will then will make an impact on our journey and life...

Studies show that even if we do know that the short term 'pleasure' will indeed do us no use, but humans tend to opt for "instant pleasure" ... almost automatically... we would not think and care of the implications it brings...satisfy your innate desires.... so Freud was right...? NO..NO... a way...but then thats a whole different story...

As i stare at this ridiculous blue dome from this huge glass window dressed with vertical blinds that is senget benget and oh so aesthetically bad... im thinking.. why is it that there is a need for domes? and blue roofs?

Can we do without it..the cost so much.. and serves no purpose... you have it everywhere... the domes.... were not in Saudi... its a symbol one might say...yeah were so stuck onto symbols... we dont need symbols... or do we?? the environmental factors like the wheather..... are not taken into consideration...decorative saje... macam tulah kat malaysia ni... semua nak di"bedakkan"...nak decorative, nak tunjuk baik, nak berlakon... urgh.... nobody spill the beans like how its suppose to...sweep everything under the carpet...

jangan cakap benda yang walaupun betul.... tapi tak elok....diam saja... SAMPAI BILA? The truth hurts...sooner or later it will come out....

BREAK jap - im so lega...i dropped one subject this sem coz by the look of it..i cant cope with it. I think i made the right choice... sangat lega tika ini...

Initially i thought, why not. just push myself..but there's so much one can do... Thank you Allah... exams on 10th and 11th April..wish me luck..... im soooooooooooo takut... sebab?

sebab im a woman who strives for perfection...and why is it when you do people think youre weird...mediocrity is very well accepted...

well we try to at least... strive for it...perfection i mean.... and NO, its not wrong....and yes, normal is boring!

ANother D, so make that 3....



  1. oh,i love this post.....

  2. sekadar berkongsi.

  3. Normal is boring...
    dok diam is normal
    cari jln selamat is normal
    senyap is normal
    mengelakkan diri is normal
    tak mampu berkata "tidak" is normal
    and lastly... "Normal" is absolutely Normal.

  4. Kak Dina, good luck with your exams next week! Don't worry u are a bright woman, kalo ade rezeki confirm boleh excel insya Allah. its good to have a 'perfect attitude' because we should aim high, not so-so only. hope to read your entry on your exams nanti yer,how u become a student,an employee, a wife and a mother to three kids! hebat lah kak dina ni~

  5. buat kali pertama fariz baca blog orang sampai habis...1 jer sebab...coz ur face look exactly like my sister fadzilah....hehe ok kak wardina, n 1 lagi thanks sangattttttt!!!! coz u ingatkan fariz something valuable...

    lastly adik harapkan kak wardina happy dgn ur exam result~

    plan ur work, work ur plan
    good luck


  6. assalamualaikum Deena
    semoga deena terus success
    akak suka dnegan perkongsian Deena berkaitan kemurungan tu
    tak smeua orang sudi berkongsi pengalaman tersebut secara terbuka.akak pernah kongsi pengalaman tu.
    akak jumpa blog deena dari blog umiesofie.sekian wassalam