Monday, November 2, 2009

One day.....

The dream..... of paradise.....the meticulous details... the splendor of the spaces...the rich history....the genious of islamic architecture.... everything to represent the One.... the Illa-llah... the doctrine of tawhid... there is an intimate connection between faith and asthetics in Islam. Its the desire to give aesthtic expression to the proclamation of La ilaha-illa-llah...... How?

I studied this....and its beautiful...makes me want to cry.... for Islam is trully, wonderfully beautiful.

Islamic Architecture in form, design AND spirit is inspired by just that..... the tawhid of One.... its the embodiment of the Islamic principles and its values or thats what it should be....

The avoidence of naturalism, or charecterisation made the Muslims think ahead into more creative 'designers', builders, crastmn and of course architects......

"For every Muslim, the asthetic realm, the beautiful, is that which directs attention to is not symbolic truths of nature. Instead, the beautiful, for the Muslim, is that which stimulates the viewer or listener as intuition of, or an insight into, the nature of transendence....- the late Dr Lamya Al Faruqi-

One of the most striking features of Islamic Architecture is the focus on the enclosed space, for Islam emphases what is important is the internalization of faith not its external manifestations........The enclosed space SHOULD be the most important element....The facade should tell us just a little abut the building...but when u step inside...when penetrated and experience it from within....MasyaAllah....- the concept of this 'hidden architecture'..... should be grasped into our lives and souls as well.....

important fact there...just imagine the dome.... from a distance its nothing...just a structure but when you look at it from the you get sinks into mazes of cupolas, arabesques....calliagraphy... have you ever thought of that....just pure beauty!

its just a place i wish to step foot one day...i believe it will inspire me....i would love to share it with someone who shares the dream......


  1. The picture of Alhambra is it?
    The red castle..

  2. yeah....spain....court of the ions...with beautiful gardens and water constantly changing...dynamic yet static....and the pool and channels is not only just there for the purpose of links the spaces in a sequence.... arghh...just the thought of it...i love buildings!

  3. or maybe on my 40th bday..... boleh ke?

  4. me exact this piece...go for a mediterranean tour and you're inspired to learn history of islam but be prepared to kena kutuk. i was critisised heavily for doing this before kaabah which requires allah's calling...keep it coming gal

  5. aku nak gi Istanbul next month. Will bring lots of pictures back for you. - nida

  6. mesti boleh punya. Di mana ada kemahuan di situ ada jalan.. :)
    Insya Allah

  7. im going to both alhambra and cordoba this winter holiday!!!!kak dina u r most welcome to tag along hehe =) i really really love ur blog btw !!!!

  8. salam... akak ni minat sangat dengan wardina setiap pagi jam 6.30 akak mesti tengok MHI tapi bila masuk blog wardina semuanya tulis omputeh akak tak paham sepatah haram pun ni pun komen buat muka tak malu jer...

  9. ala....kak naz....hehe janganla mcm tu...bila tulis memangmengalir bahasa omputih tu,...ok..ok atas permintaan ramai saya akan menulis entry dalam bahasa kebangsaan kita lepas ni.... NIDA!! seleas memetik langasat...dan bermandi manda di sungai...kau akan pergi lagi....tak aci!!!!!!

    hatim...yes please...bag muat untk i???wait...have to loose like 10kgs more...huhu HVE FUN!!!! paste pics pun jadila

  10. proper english.not like sound stupid when speak in malay.wakakaka.

  11. meso...serious i is the very hard to understanding..... ;) tak de...english ni kena banyak practice,,,semua bahasa mcm gitu... cuma anak mat salleh ni sebab belajar sekolah kebangsaan dan minat membaca....pandai cakap melayu...:) karangan selalu A tau! ;)

  12. kak wardina..

    saya pernah pergi alhambra..sgt lawa.
    kalau nak pergi, bagitau saya, (saya tak charge apa2) , tapi saya boleh perkenalkan akak dgn spanish muslim kat sana, saya pernah homestay dgn diaorg sebulan, siap dpt mkn halal paella lagi (hati2 paella kat sana wpun seafood ada serbuk ba alip ba ya)

    for a start, akk bleh contact ajk masjid granada, untuk arrange homestay with the muslims family there @ budget hotel run by muslims:

    kalau nak personal tour pon boleh tapi kena upah jadi tour guide haha just kidding. lagi best kalau explore sendiri sambil bwk kamus wpun akhirnya guna sign language je hehe..

    maaf la...saya sgt excited bila org sebut granada hehe..oh dan pergi juga cordoba tapi sedih jugak tgk nasib alhambra & cordoba skrg :(

  13. p/s: akk naik air asia to london stansted pastu naik ryan air to granada, kompom jimat..sbb ryan air slalu charge airport tax je..hehee..cheapest time is winter tapi spring baru lawa...T_T

    *yes i am the same person